The IBE Undergraduate Research Fellowship offers opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in meaningful biomedical engineering research in collaboration with faculty researchers in engineering, science, and medicine. The experience is designed to expose the students to a variety of exciting biomedical engineering research going on at GW and to prepare them for future studies and employment in biomedical engineering.
The applicant must have an IBE affiliated faculty member, who agrees to serve as the mentor (see for a list of IBE affiliated faculty). It is expected that the student and the mentor will arrive at a mutually agreeable understanding on the expectations of the research. The successful student will receive a $5,000 Fellowship.

Winners of 2015 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Priyanka Wadgaonkar and Zainab Mahmood , Faculty Advisor: Matthew Kay
Topic: A proportionally scaled human torso model for electrophysiology studies using rabbit hearts

Caitlin Carroll and William Murphy, Faculty Advisor: Michael Keidar
Topic: 3-D Computational Model of Tumor Evolution in Response to CAP Treatment on a Scale of mm-cm

Winners of 2014 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Aditi Shenoy and Richard Smith, Mentor: Prof. Zhenyu Li
Topic: Capture and Enumeration of CD4+ T-Leukocytes from Whole Blood by Microfluidic Processing

Abel Rodriguez, Mentor: Prof. Vesna Zderic
Topic: Therapeutic Ultrasound for Treatment of River Blindness

Winners of 2013 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Gillian Costa, Mentor: Profs. Zhenyu Li and Matthew Kay
Topic: Deformable Cardiac Sensor to Directly Measure Mechanical Functionality

Darwin Rinderer, Mentor: Prof. Lijie Grace Zhang
Topic: 3D Inkjet Bioprinting of a Bioactive Biomimetic 3D Scaffold for Osteochondral Regeneration

Winners of 2012 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Nigel Isom, Mentor: Prof. Lijie Grace Zhang
Topic: Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration

Nate Serafino, Mentor: Prof. Matthew Kay
Topic: Addition of Erythrocytes to the Perfusion in Biventricular Working Heart Study

Winners of 2011 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Matthew Wilkins, Mentor: Prof. Matthew Kay
Topic: Monitoring Impedance Changes in Cell Monolayers Due to Alterations in Intra-cellular and Extracellular Spaces

Aaron Cheng, Mentor: Prof. Zhenyu Li
Topic: Point-of-care Device Designed to Detect HIV-1 DNA Directly From Infant Blood

Winners of 2010 GW Institute for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Xiaolong Jiang (Sophomore, Computer Science), Mentor: James Hahn, Computer Science
Topic: Analysis and Visualization of the Biomechanics of Swimming Motion

Ross Patterson (Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering), Mentor: Mark Reeves, Physics
Topic: Peptide Modified Gold Nanowires by Discontinuous Vertical Colloidal Deposition

Winners of 2009 IBE Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Alta Berger (Junior, Biomedical Engineering), Mentor: Matthew Kay,
"Origin of Electrical Events During Acute Coronary Occlusion"

Danielle Abadi (Junior, Biomedical Engineering), Mentor: Vesna Zderic,
"Ultrasound-Mediated Nail Drug Delivery System"


Winners of 2008 IBE Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Sina Chenari, Mentor: Dr. James Hahn,
"Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Thyroid Cartilage for Medialization Laryngoplasty"

Natalie Rabinovich, Mentor: Dr. Matthew Kay,
"Visualization of cardiac optical mapping data"

Amit Sangave, Mentor: Dr. Matthew Kay,
"Heterogeneity of myocardial ischemia caused by reduced coronary flow"

James Stephenson, Mentor: Dr. David Chichka,
"Subtalar Joint Modeling"


Winners of 2007 IBE Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Timothy Kim (Computer Science)
"Medical Terminology Analysis using Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)"
Pavan Luckoor (Biomedical Engineering)
"Safety of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Application in Tumor Treatment: Impact of Air on Bone Interfaces"
Joshua Samuels (Biomedical Engineering)
"High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Tumor Removal"

Winner of 2006 IBE Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Faezeh Razjouyan
"Evaluation of The Cooling Effect of The Piezoelectric Structure Vibration"

Winners of 2005 IBE Undergraduate Research Internship Program

Jared Kiraly (Computer Science)
"Motion Capture and Analysis of Tongue During Speech"
Mentors: James Hahn (Computer Science) and Geralyn Schultz (Speech and Hearing Science)

Courtney Wang (English)
"Comparative Linguistic Analysis of Cross-gender and Same-gender Interactions During Virtual Job Interviews"
Mentor: Shelly Brundage (Speech and Hearing Science)

Ryan Kelly (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
"Fluid Dynamics of the Forearm: Examining Configurations that Maximize Propulsive Forces in Swimming"
Mentor: Rajat Mittal (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Joshua Rudawitz (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
"Mechanical Design Improvement in the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scanner"
Mentor: Kerr-Jia Lu (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Jason Zara (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Mike Manyak (Urology)

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