Vesna Zderic, PhD
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Matthew Kay, DSc
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Multimodal Imaging of Myocardial Perfusion in Contracting Excised Rat Hearts

Simultaneous imaging of myocardial flow and hypoxia could be vital for identifying acute ischemic mechanisms that may trigger an arrhythmia. In our preliminary studies, we studied the distribution of flow and hypoxia in excised locally ischemic non-contracting rat hearts using simultaneous contrast ultrasound imaging and NADH fluorescence imaging. These studies indicated that contrast ultrasound can be used to highlight transmural ischemic borders, thus complementing fluorescent imaging of ischemic borders on the epicardial surface. We are currently proposing to continue working on utilizing ultrasound imaging in combination with fluorescence imaging for observation of myocardial perfusion, with a particular emphasis on observation of ischemic and reperfused regions in contracting rat hearts. The specific aims of this work are: 1) Registration of fluorescence data from the epicardium with transmural flow images provided by ultrasound imaging. 2) Measurement of differences in heart wall motion between normal and hypoxic tissue during ischemia and reperfusion using high-resolution contrast ultrasound. 3) Validation of ultrasound flow measurements using alternative measurements of flow.
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