Brian Choi,
Medicine, Division of Cardiology

Validation of the Non-Invasive Determination of Cardiac Hemodynamics by Computed Tomography

Invasive cardiac catheterization remains the ˇ°gold standardˇ± for the evaluation of many cardiac diseases; however, its routine use is limited by the infrequent but serious complications of death, heart attack or stroke. Non-invasive tests via nuclear or ultrasound imaging have emerged as viable but imperfect alternatives. The newest imaging modality to show promise is computed tomography (CT). Advances in CT imaging have improved imaging quality to the point that coronary CT angiography is increasingly viewed as a potential alternative to invasive catheterization. Further improvement in coronary CT imaging remains an area of active investigation, but CT will never fully replace invasive catheterization without the ability to determine cardiac hemodynamics, especially intracardiac pressures and cardiac output. The purpose of this study is to determine if CT-derived data can accurately estimate cardiac hemodynamics. If so, diagnostic invasive catheterization could become unnecessary and save patients from being subjected to its substantial risks.

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